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40" Double Shoot Through System

It is stable, fast and precise; qualities only reached with the Double Shoot Through System.

The RENEGADE DST 40 is surprisingly light, resulting from precision-machined cut-outs, while maintaining strength with the shoot through design. Specially designed limb-fixation allows for individual positioning of additional tuning weights.

Combining the Shoot Through Riser, CST Cable Shoot Through system and a 40 ATA , this is the ideal bow for the archer who wants the utmost in accuracy.

The RENEGADE DST 40: One riser for right and left-handed archers.

Download Drawlength Charts DST40
String & cable charts for all OK Archery compounds.
ATA 40"
Braceheight 8.2" +/- .125"
Speed IBO 309 fps
Let Off 60% (Standard). 70% (Optional)
Draw Weight 40 - 70#
Net Weight 3.95 lbs.
Draw lenght from 25.75" up to 32.75"AMO. Adjustable rotating modules allows for +/- 1/2" within a 1" range in quarter-inch increments. Cables and strings are standard silver and black.
Color matching String Suppression System and Limb Shox not included but are available for an additional charge. Retail Price:
DST40 Black $ 1945.00 US,
Colors extra contact dealer

Available in 15 Colors

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